Cut SwirlDo you have an unhealthy habit that no amount of willpower seems to change even though you know it is causing health, relationship, or personal problems?

  • Smoking
  • Overeating
  • Too much sugar
  • Anger issues
  • overspending
  • Phobias

Hypnosis can help you to break free of dysfunctional habits that are immune to conscious willpower and help you live a happier, healthier life. Contact me for pricing for specific concerns.


How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis accesses the subconscious storehouse which deals with our emotions and habits. The subconscious stores our long- term memory and our belief system which is established by repetitive self-thoughts, or by what others have told us to be true, maybe as a child.

Compulsive habits (those that feel like we don’t have any control over) are created as a response to some form of stress or trauma. If our initial conscious choice to cope with stress or trauma gets repeated enough it becomes an unconscious habitual coping mechanism. When a coping mechanism becomes a habit, it lies beyond the easy reach of willpower.

The tremendous value of hypnosis is in its unique ability to give us access to our subconscious minds where we can retrain debilitating beliefs about ourselves, break patterns that do not serve us and make changes that can last a lifetime.


Break Free Hypnosis Sessions- These sessions will bring you to a place of relaxation that allows for your mind to adjust to new ways of thinking, which serve your desire for change. We will address what habits you have formed, what triggers them and then reframe the habitual thought patterns so that you can let go of things such as anxiety, smoking, sugar addiction, poor eating habits, and encourage a newer healthier lifestyle.

Rapid Release Hypnosis® – This method was developed by Janet Burke for quick release of unwanted habits. We jumpstart your healing process and then you take control. Start releasing those patterns today!

HypnoReiki– A wonderfully relaxing, safe method that combines Reiki with hypnosis. This method is great for those that love the gentle healing power of Reiki and who may need additional assistance for specific areas of concern, ie, body weight, tobacco use, sugar intake, unhealthy habits, stress and anxiety.

For Hypnosis and HypnoReiki sessions, please call for pricing as more than one session may be required for specific concerns. Special pricing for a series of sessions will apply in this case.

You may mix Hypno-Reiki with a hypnosis series of appointments. Or combine hypnosis and a Harmony Foods Consultation for a healthy means of long-term weight release and control.

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