hypnosis1A safe way to retrain your habits for the freedom of living a healthier lifestyle. The conscious mind is the analytical part of the brain. It rationalizes and deals with things such as will power. The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that is creative and imaginative. It deals with our emotions and habits. It holds our long term memory and our belief system which is established by repetitive self-thoughts, or by what others have told us to be true, maybe as a child.

The tremendous value of hypnosis is in its unique ability to give us access to our subconscious minds where we can retrain debilitating beliefs about ourselves, break patterns that do not serve us and make changes that can last a lifetime.

  • Change your eating habits
  • Stop smoking
  • Manage weight
  • Break unhealthy habits
  • Release phobias
  • Address sugar intake
  • Regression

More than one session may be required for specific results. *Combine hypnosis and Harmony Foods Consultation for a healthy means of weight release and control.

$125 first session
$75 per hour following sessions

Please call for pricing as more than one session may be required for specific concerns. Special pricing for a series of sessions will apply in this case. You may mix Hypno-Reiki with a hypnosis series of appointments.

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