Reiki is the Japanese art of healing and deep relaxation so vital to well-being.  Enjoy a session today.

Reiki, meaning universal life force energy, is a gentle touch yet powerful healing energy that promotes deep relaxation and assists in the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki heals on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. It can be used for any ailment or illness as it is safe and complementary to all other holistic and medical treatments. It also can assist in dealing with anxiety, fatigue, grief, relationships, PTSD, clarity in life, a connection to your soul path, and much more.

Reiki is administered to a fully clothed recipient, lying on a massage table. A session feels like a warm glow throughout your body. A treatment typically lasts an hour.


$75 per session

* Janet has been chosen as a Reiki Master to participate in a Harvard University study on the benefits of Reiki.

* Contact us for pricing specials as well as considerations for veterans, hospice, and our sensory program.

Mount Haggin Healing