Awaken Your Inner Healer Workshop– For those with chronic pain (physical, mental, emotional) and those who want to learn how to connect with their Inner Healer. Learn about the role that deep relaxation plays in healing all forms of dis-ease. Discover what your symptoms are trying to tell you, save money, and reduce chronic pain. We’ll sample 5 different types of healing modalities you can do in your daily life to aid healing while calming the central nervous system.

Self-Hypnosis Workshop– Use self-hypnosis to change stubborn habits resistant to willpower. This workshop teaches how to go into the realm of the subconscious to change old beliefs and habits and install new more healthy habits for living the life you deeply desire. Works with smoking, weight loss, sugar intake, phobias, anxiety, etc.

Throat Chakra Workshop – Do have trouble speaking up for yourself? Or saying what you feel for fear of criticism or misunderstanding? Do you retreat in the face of authority? We’ll explore the realm of the throat chakra and learn how to heal and open this vital center. Speak your truth, stand up for yourself, become your own authority, speak confidently.

Mount Haggin Healing